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"She is electric guitar string legs Wrapped around juke joint smoke Dancing on Love Street in black sweat" -Pharaoh Robinson Sexsensual is a poetically erotic, powerful, thought provoking journey of fantasy. Taking readers on an extraordinary erotic mental journey that masterfully weaves poetry into sexual fantasy, creativity, love, romance, sensuality, and mental stimulation to create what is called, Sexsensual. Pharaoh Robinson dares to recreate "Black Love" through prose that explores the essence of black male and female sexuality. This promising, fresh and eclectic masculine voice is what Black erotica and literature has been missing. Pharaoh Robinson is truly one-of-a-kind representing a side of masculinity that is pleasurable and mentally intoxicating. He will transport you to a new world of fantasy past the normal limits of imagination and reality. "This is only his first book and Pharaoh Robinson delivers one of the most mind-catching erotic bodies of work ever written." - Indigo Blue, TwitterMugshot.com "His poetry is illegal access into the inhibitions of my mind. I love his poetic violation." -Marsha E, Tagged.com fan

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