By Cory Robinson

Publisher : Pharaoh Robinson

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Cory Robinson



"No longer locked away by society Is the chokolate woman of assorted color God unlocked his favorite secret box of Chokolates To share with me, and so I share with you" -Pharaoh Robinson from th poem "Chokolate" If men have been labeled self-centered or sensually and sexually selfish, Pharaoh Robinson has truly set-out to dispel that notion with this erotic confectionary of erotic fantasy, lovemaking and romance in his sophomore book: "Chokolate" "Chokolate" is a riveting erotic short story book laced with poetry. The stories are assorted flavors that are pieces of mental confection laced with pure, unadulterated passion and tantalizing fantasy written the way only Pharaoh Robinson can write them. Masculinity melds into femininity, melting men and women of all shades, from midnight dark Chokolate to white Chokolate. Chokolate is a sensual mental tapestry that men and women alike will no doubt appreciate.

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