Couple Corners: 52 Faithful Choices for a More Joy-Filled Marriage

Religion & Spirituality, Family & Relationships

By Paula Whidden

Publisher : Faithful Choices Press

ABOUT Paula Whidden

Paula Whidden
Though Paula started as a youth and children's pastor, she eventually became a stay-at-home-mom. Writing allowed her to share the riches of joy and grace God taught her over the years. Finding the joy of the journey, no matter what life throws at you, is her passion passion. 



Recall that moment on a road trip with your spouse, when you reach a corner and one of you calls out, “Turn left.” The other shakes his head and says, “No, it’s right.”

If you were in separate vehicles, you would part ways and check out your own destination. This is a couple corner.

As you read this book, you will discover 52 uniquely different corners we encounter as couples. You'll begin as if you were taking a drive. The easiest corners start in first gear. Truly brave and daring couples will progress all the way to the final choices. When you do, you’ll be speeding down the highway of marriage in fifth gear, which moves you forward the fastest, but also contains the biggest risks.

When you are ready, turn over the engine, pop the clutch, and get started.


Paula's father died one week prior to her parents start of divorce proceedings. This placed her in a limbo land. She knew her parents' marriage wasn't great, but she hadn't become accustomed to divorce. As a result, an obsession developed. She has spent over 30 years observing couples, what makes for a good or bad marriage. She's used this knowledge to help strengthen her own marriage and guide other couples. Now, this book seeks to help even more couples to be aware of the corners or choices they face, and learn to navigate the road trip of marriage and enjoy the journey.

"All too often couples just are overwhelmed and unable to get started on healing conversations.  In this book Paula has provided very simple and quick ways to get to the heart of practices of healthy decisions.  By making it easily accessible and fun this book can be a prompt to turn over a few rocks and use them to fashion a lasting foundation."~Jim Beebe, Marriage and Family Therapist.

"I cannot only heartily recommend this devotional, my husband and I will be giving our own 31 year marriage the gift of time next year to further deepen and enrich our relationship.This devotional will do much to open the line of communication to grow, repair and strengthen your marriage. Whether you are a Christian or not, there is much wisdom to be gleaned from Paula's book."~ DaAnne Smith,Executive Director, Single Mothers Outreach

"Couple Corners is filled with encouragement and a ton of practical tools to help strengthen your marriage. Paula provides us with a clearer understanding of how Biblical truths can help us navigate the often rough waters of marriage. Whether your marriage is struggling or you are just in need a of a relationship tune up,  you will find this book to be inspiring and insightful." ~Brandon Beard Executive Pastor Compass Church, Colleyville TX. 

“Couple Corners is an inspiring, insightful and practical guide for not only enhancing your own relationship, but even impacting others. I highly recommend this for all couples whether engaged, newly married, or married for years. “ ~ Rusty George, Lead Pastor of Real Life Church, Valencia, CA 

"We live in a culture that continually tears at the very fabric of families and marriages. As a pastor, I’m always looking for great resources to help people. Paula Whidden, in Couple Corners: 52 Faithful Choices for Finding Joy in Marriage,has provided a practical and inspiring book filled with biblical wisdom. I highly recommend it."~ Kurt W. Bubna, Pastor & Author, Epic Grace (Tyndale)