Rebel Gold (Whispering Pines Book 3)

Rebel Gold (Whispering Pines Book 3)

ABOUT Charles Wells

Charles Wells
When asked why he became a writer, Wells replied with the following. "I didn't choose writing, it chose me. I've spent the better part of my life (and I'm 60 years old) writing, but I still hesitate to call myself an Author. I've written and published 9 psychic/drama fiction books, 3 More...



Rebel Gold doesn't mean a new confederate uprising is coming, it means a new twist of fate is about to throw the north and south sides of morality into a battle with no geographical borders. 

It all begins in Chicago, Illinois when a crime boss finds himself the target of a hit contract issued by a rival operation. The efforts to take him out end in a near miss when the car bomb hesitates a few seconds too long and he and his family are able to avoid the ensuing blast. His wife, a southern belle from West Creek County, tosses in the matrimonial towel and heads for the relative safety of her beloved brother in Georgia. She arrives with the car's gas tank on fumes and little more than a suitcase - and son - in tow. The trouble starts when she maneuvers for a divorce and custody of her child but ends up falling in love with a local man. This "accident" of the heart entangles the rest of the man's family and friends from Whispering Pines and the action jumps out the starting gate with a fist and a bang.

"Rebel Gold" is book three in the Whispering Pines series and as always, it is edge of your seat suspense from the first paragraph forward. Rated PG for all ages and mindsets, Rebel gold is deep fried and southern baked.