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General Fiction

By Brandy Miller

Publisher : Brandy M. Miller

ABOUT Brandy Miller

Brandy Miller
Brandy M. Miller currently lives in Dallas, TX with her husband.  She is a professional Creative Strategy Consultant and co-owner of Creative Technology Services as well as the Chief Executive Story Teller for 40 Day Writer LLC. She is an avid reader and a regular writer.  When she isn More...



From the author of How to Write an eBook in 40 Days (or less!), Creating a Character Backstory, and The Write Time comes this fusion of art and writing blended together in this anthology of more than 20 stories. Every one of them is woven around her original works of art. Inside these pages you’ll find tales of the fantastic and the funny, mythical and the mundane, heartbreaking and heartwarming. Unicorns and dragons, wild horses and kittens, sleeping giants and aliens, peacocks and bookworms, along with lovers old and new are just a few of the characters you will meet as you read along. The artwork is as varied as the stories themselves, a collection of landscapes, portraits, drawings, and illustrations created in watercolors, acrylics, pencils, and pixels.

I had this growing collection of pretty pictures and few opportunities to do anything with them, and I'm a writer, so I decided to create stories to go with each of my pictures and make a book of it. These aren't the only stories that could have been created with the paintings, of course, but they were my stories.