The Story of My Mother Dear: A Tribute to Mothers


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During the writing of this book I was currently finishing up on an M.B.A. Degree at the University of Phoenix on campus while still trying to maintain a feasible G.P.A. for my scheduled Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on Christian Ministry for the later part of 2014 at Grand Canyon University.” Isaiah owes all his thanks to God that he has acquired over 17 years within the teaching and instructor profession and has been trained in solid, decisive leadership and in resiliency skills. He presents a versatile background that has provided him with insight and hands-on experience in education, public speaking, instructions, and administration. He is currently operating several businesses and teaching in the Dallas Forth Worth School District. “My personal goals are to serve in education and eventually become connected with philanthropy in some sort of way.

Isaiah’s powerful story gives a look inside the life and times of many great women in history especially his mother and grandmothers. These two families and their struggles actually happened and these stories will display the strength, passion, and conviction of some the major characters in this book. Each chapter is connected with love poems that help solidify the force of love between each family member supplied by the presence of My Mother Dear.

This book will touch your Life Isaiah has found away to pull the reading into his heart and mind and express the deepest of his inner most feelings. He exposes a lot of his personal business that others would be ashamed to admit.