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Author James Hall
As an author, I write novels that speak to a higher consciousness. My stories render visions of life that nourish the imagination and promote the rise of new global perspectives. In addition to challenging the mind, my stories are charged with heart-wrenching emotion where meaty character More...


Khalil Anderson grew up poor. However, it wasn’t long before he discovered that he had a mysterious gift. After law school, he used his gift to launder money for the 1%. Suddenly his lavish world is turned upside down when he is blamed for the brutal stabbing of his girlfriend. While on the run, he soon encounters a dark and diabolical evil that covets his special power. A beautiful Latino FBI agent is sent to investigate him. Their lives soon become inextricably intertwined as they negotiate an underworld of street gangs, death squads, and dark priest. In his search for vindication, he embarks on a journey that stretches across time to the heart of ancient Nubia. There, he discovers that he is the focus of a mystic prophesy that will alter the ancient world and shape the worlds to come.