I Approve of Me... Sets Me Free: I let go of being addicted to my paycheck which allowed me to expand into my affinity for wisdom.

ABOUT Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson
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I Approve of Me… Sets Me Free, is about understanding all the negative people and negativity in the world unlocks the visionary valor with in me to approve of me sets me free to live my sired desires. I write about my journey opened my heart to see I was addicted to my paycheck that kept inside a comfort zone that felt good to the conscious mind was very unsavory to my spiritual entrepreneur for sure. I unblock the guts to bare my heart and soul to write the ruthless truth about my hindrances unleashed galloping gutsiness to appreciate my valor to show the world a way to experience life by expanding out of hiding in riding the tides of prosperity with heart supremacy to liberate their avant-garde witem. The definition of witem means wisdom innovation talent energizes my mammoth money flow. Undoes a bold buzz within to show me wisdom innovation and trusting their talents walk them through their paths prosperity.