Par for the Curse

General Fiction

By Toyi Ward

Publisher : Naphtali Books

ABOUT Toyi Ward

Toyi Ward
Toyi Ward is an author, freelance writer, and media host. Her novel, Par for the Curse, examines the impact of generational curses on family, life, and love.


"The men you love will never love you. The men who love you, you will never love."  These simple but ominous words describe the complex situation in the life of Stormy Briggs.  The drama in Stormy's life is caused by a curse put on her great-grandmother, Lila, over eighty years ago.  The heart line of Grandma Lila's palm was sliced in two which led to a life void of love and lasting relationships. Though her cousins Riley and Lourdes accept the lot they have been given in life, an unexpected event forces Stormy to return New Orleans to investigate the origin of the curse.

Most times a secret that is meant to protect the family is the very thing that destroys it.  Stormy learns this lesson and much more as she sets out to break the curse on her family.  

"Toyi Ward brings out some great points of faith, hope, and love...we need to break generational took me on a roller-coaster ride of drama and deceit that some of the women put on themselves. Women have intuition and can see the "red flags", but still allow the mess to unfold in their journey of life...worth the read! "

Adrienna Turner
AAMBC Reviewer

"You don't need to find adjectives to describe something when the product speaks for itself. It was a good book point, blank, period and anyone who picks it up will not be disappointed." - Author, Marie Antoinette, A Girl Called Job

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