For Cory's Sake

General Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Carolyn Wada

Publisher : Outskirts Press, Inc.

ABOUT Carolyn Wada

Carolyn Wada
4foot10, 85 lbs. Oldest of seven. Raised in Hawaii. Fan of cats, dairy products, salt, Lego, Batman, Batman Lego and nearly all sports.


Cory is a planet. Its native inhabitants have been enslaved by Fear, in the form of a Bomb that can end their world. A group of caring outsiders have formed a coalition to save Cory; they call themselves “the pre-invasion conspiracy.” For Cory's Sake focuses on a single family within the conspiracy.

William had turned his back on the conversation and was stirring something on the stove. It made him uncomfortable to hear his children referred to in the lifeless terms of a “contribution” that “he” had made, as if they were “a car, a bag of rice, and cash” that he had contributed to some cause. William only ever saw his children as human lives—and lives that had been warped and twisted into strange forms by beliefs and desires received as part of their pre-invasion inheritance . . . Out of loyalty to his father and grandfather and love for his planet, William had taught compassion and sacrifice to his children. And then, with some pride, and a great deal of sorrow, he had watched these children begin to give their lives out of loyalty to their inheritance and for Cory's sake.

Follow the William Bentlers as they learn to gain freedom by conquering Fear--for Cory's sake.

For Cory's Sake began as "just" a story--a story about a family's struggle to save an enslaved planet. As I was revising my story, however, I was also thinking and worrying about a real-world issue. Certain specific themes were deliberately strengthened, as I thought about reality while revising my fantasy. I finished with a more cohesive and meaningful story than I'd planned. In For Cory's Sake, the people in power use a Great Threat, as well as the constant, daily threat and fear of personal violence, to keep the Coryan people down and silent. A group of caring outsiders struggles to a be a voice for the Coryan people, and to work towards their freedom. The nature of the threat, its resolution, and the obstacles met along the way, were all influenced by my real-world pondering. I decided to publish my story, and donate my royalties to organizations doing something about my real-world issue. See for details.

"5-star" Amazon review, T. Norwood (Virginia)

This book is amazing in its ability to talk about freedom on several levels. The enslavement of a society is the main focus, however, the determination of each person to be free, even in if it's only in their mind. Young Roci uses his dreams to escape being born into slavery and forced to work in a factory. The Bentler family uses everything they have, including generations of family, in order to secure freedom. Each member of the family has a mask they show the world in order for their plan to succeed. The son of the most feared leader fights for freedom from his "inheritance". The details of the physical and mental tortures are thorough but not graphic so the reader is encouraged to use the imagination to fill in any blanks. Systematic torture becomes a right of passage for some of the family members and the story leaves you wondering how far you would be willing to go for freedom. Anyone who likes a heart wrenching family saga mixed with conspiracy, suspense, and slow simmering romance will find this book engaging.