Revealed! Prophet T.B. Joshua of Emmanuel TV FAME

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By Femi Success

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Femi Success
Reverend Success is the founder and the executive president of The WordCup international and the President of Divine Word Academy with headquarters in ErukuCity, Kwara State, Nigeria, Africa. He depicts Holy Spirit endowment in creative writing with a rare clear-cut faculty in Christian li More...



R E V E A L E D! (Complete revelation without Humiliation) presents Prophet T. B. Joshua of Emmanuel TV fame to the world. He is the world's number one most-talked-about man of God and the most vilified in many ways. But his gospel work hitherto does not show him to be profane.  
He arouses keen interest among massive crowds, both Christian and non-Christian. His Emmanuel TV is presently rated one of the-most-viewed TV stations in the world. He is probably a prophet of the first kind the whole world is witnessing with mouths wide open!  
The puzzle about him is what the world has waited for many years to piece together without any answer. God’s point of view became the needed answer, yet no one was able to offer it  
for years.  
This book makes available the much needed God’s point of view for the benefit of millions of people who have eagerly waited for a long time to know the truth. People are eager to know because the prophet's work affects human life in core areas of existence everyday. 
You will learn many strange things about T. B. Joshua-an enigma of a sort. Things you  
have never heard about him anywhere before. Genuine answers that vividly unravel the following qestions and many more, that have worried the public about the man and his gospel work. It is a complete revelation without humiliation. 
•Is he really from God? 
•Will God empower a mortal man this much as he? 
•What is the source of the power with which he does on-the-spot miracles? 
•How and where on earth did he acquire such enormous power? 
•Why does he pray strangely with his hands and legs? 
•How did he lose the original heart he came to the world with, and how did he get another heart in replacement?  
•How did he meet his wife? And how did he get her to agree to marry him the same day—the same hour—they met and remain married to her for well over twenty years and counting? 
•Why does he do the Gospel of Jesus differently from the way other Churches do? 
•Why was he in his mother’s womb for fifteen solid months instead of the usual nine? 
•How, why and where did he spend three months in the hospital before he was born? 
•How did he escape a heavy stone assassination attempt at very tender age? 
•Why was he given thirty names at his naming ceremony that did not hold! 
•Where and why did he carry shit to make a living?  
•And many, many more… 
Here is a book at last, that makes bare all “hidden secrets” about T. B. Joshua. The revelation the entire world has been waiting for is finally here. Initially, the depth of information may daze you,  
but in the end you will be blessed and satisfied.


R E V E A L E D! (Complete revelation without Humiliation) presents Prophet T. B. Joshua of Emmanuel TV fame to the world. He is the world's number one most-talked-about man of God and the most vilified in many ways. The book unfolds all secrets about him to millions of people following him from different countries and tribes in the world. No more guess work about his person, because the plain truth is here at last.

Tone and Style: "The tone and style are perfect for the subject matter. The writing is uplifting and down to earth at the same time. This will work to draw readers in and make them comfortable with the material in the book." — CS professional Editor

Main Objective: "Readers who are interested in the topic, and even some who haven’t heard of T. B. Joshua before, will be the stories and testimonies presented here. The book seems complete in its content. All pertinent questions seem to have been answered." — CS expert Editor

Structure: "The structure works quite well. The manuscript is full of the personal observations of the author, but perspectives of others add support for the claims made. The interview with T. B. Joshua’s wife is a nice inclusion. And the group of testimonies of various people helped by the ministry is a good ending for the book." — CS skilled Editor

Grammar: "Overall, the quite good." — CS certified Editor