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karen andrea
Karen Andrea is a writer specialising in the children and Young Adult market and living in London, UK. The Enchanted Library is her debut novel for 8 to 12's (and adults too!) It's an uplifting story about the adventures of Max Milford, when he is fostered by his grandpa and discovers a li More...



After years of being shunted between homes, Max Milford is sick of all the constant changes. But when his grandfather finally shows up and rescues him from the children's home, Max gets much more than just another foster family. In an out-of-bounds room at grandpa's home, he discovers a long deserted library of living books filled with magic. The place seems harmless enough at first, only soon it has Max falling under its mysterious spell. Can he resist in time to save himself, his new home and his grandpa?


Like many authors’ books, mine was inspired by a dream. I lived in Spain a few years ago and during siesta I'd visit a local bookshop to remind myself of my dream of becoming a published author one day. The bookshop was promoting Cervantes (of Don Quixote fame) and Carlos Ruiz Zafon (Shadow of the Wind) as the two best selling Spanish authors of all time. When I began thinking over the key to Zafon’s success, I imagined the elderly author’s spirit instructing the young author from beyond the grave. That night I dreamed vividly of a young boy discovering the magic of an abandoned library and reawakening its spell. I grabbed my notebook, feeling the tingly tug of inspiration. The Enchanted Library was born...

'An instant classic' - TCM reviews, September 2009

'The Enchanted Library is a delightful read and a wonderful example of the healing power of books and the imagination. With its beautiful illustrations and original storyline, it is a must-have addition to any children’s library. It is aimed at 8 to 12 year olds, but parents will love it too.' - DIPNET (Diversity in Publishing) 

'A great yarn! It sends wonderful messages to kids to believe in their own abilities. I can't wait for it to enchant our library shelves.' - Anna Sutton, junior school teacher, London.

Brilliant, when's the next one coming!
Bought this as a gift for my niece and this was her exact response after reading it.  "i thought the book was really gr8 and i think it shud b made in2 a film and if it woz i wud definatly buy it cant w8 4 nxt 1"
I'll now be looking out for more books by this author! - Jo, Amazon reviewer UK

'Original, intriguing, streetwise.' - Martyn Bearsdley, Sir Gadabout Books.

'This is a wonderful book about magic and the wonders of the imagination. I loved it!
Max Milford is a lonely orphan, longing for a family to love him, and friends to like him. He gets a suprise call to go and live with his grandad in a rambling old house. The school bully quickly latches onto Max, because he has a phobia of reading and writing. Max finds surprising solace when he discovers a library of talking books in an abandoned room. The book characters are warm and brilliant and funny, and befriend Max, leading him to solve an intruiging mystery, and to believe in himself again.
Its aimed at 8-12's, but I think parents will love it too.' - Mumsnetter review

'A charming and exciting book,' - Law Gazette