The Big Book of Harry

Children's Books

By Andrew Gabriel

Publisher : Lulu Press Inc.

ABOUT Andrew Gabriel

Andrew Gabriel
Andrew Gabriel was born, raised, and currently resides in New Jersey. He is a graduate of Montclair State University with degrees in both Anthropology and Archaeology. He is an author of both non-fiction and children's books, who has always possessed an intense love of reading and writing More...



Looking for a fun, new book for children? Well look no further! 'The Big Book of Harry', the first of a series, introduces young readers to a dog named Harry,as he takes them on a fun-filled tour of his daily life. You will find your kids...and perhaps even yorself...laughing and learning, as you explore the world of this nutty, but lovable animal!!

The 'Harry Book Series' takes young readers on exciting adventures filled with fun, learning, and laughter...all told through the voice of one fun-loving, crazy dog. Don't miss out on all the the fun! And feel free to visit and like Harry's very own Facebook page:!/officialtheoneandonlyharry

I live with a 5 year old labrador mix who can make my head spin sometimes with the things that he does. My favorite line to this dog is 'you're lucky your cute'. And he is cute. For all the craziness that he puts into our lives, he has that certain cuteness that you just can't stay mad for long with...and I can;t imagine life without him! I always said that someday I'd write a book about here we are!! ; )