ABOUT Verona J. Knight

Verona J. Knight
Verona J. Knight is a mother, wife, and friend. As a teenage mother and young wife she put aside her ambitions   to take care of her family. From the pain of heartbreak and   watching others around her, those who cheat and who were   cheated on, she learned from all sides of the  More...



Verona was taught as a child that a woman should marry, have
kids and be happy. As a mother and wife she was happy but
not totally satisfi ed. Her life fell off track when her marriage stumbled over trials she faced, her kids didn’t seem to need her attention as much and her health threw her some unexpected curves; she had to face it all at the same time. She found herself in a place where she felt cheated out of happiness.

One day while day-dreaming in church she found herself in an
embarrassing moment when the Pastor asked ‘if anyone think
that the Lord failed you hold up your hand’ and when her mind
drifted back she found her hand alone in the air; not meaning to. She apparently didn’t hear the full question but only heard ‘hold up your hand’. That embarrassing moment left her walking out of church with her head low. After that experience she decided to do something about her self-pity; to fi nd herself.

She began writing her thoughts down, good and bad. She started
writing a world away from reality; to live through her characters and ‘THE CHEATERS TRILOGY’ was written. Over time she
accumulated many thoughts on paper and the end result is ‘A
MIND NOT LOST’ which she wrote to remind herself that through it all she didn’t lose her mind and that hand raising
moment in church push her to fi nd herself. She has