Deep Sleepers (A Tom Blake spy thriller)

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Adrian Wills
I was born in Plymouth in July 1972 and attended Devonport High School for Boys. I later studied English Literature at the University of Wales in Swansea. After graduating, I completed a newspaper journalism course and began work as a trainee reporter on the West Sussex Gazette in Aru More...


‘It’s like Jack Reacher meets James Bond…’

Ben Proctor should be the perfect spy.

With no idea of his true identity, he’s been planted deep undercover by his MI5 secret service handlers inside a radical right-wing political group.

But when he’s recruited by neo-Nazi terrorists from a splinter cell calling themselves the Phineas Priests, his mission begins to unravel at terrifying speed.

Abducted and branded with a mysterious symbol, Proctor is forced to take part in a moonlit initiation ceremony and ordered to carry out a deadly bomb plot that threatens to kill hundreds of innocent people.

He’s proved he has the skills and the knowledge for terrorism. The perfect spy has become the perfect terrorist.

Former Special Forces psychologist Tom Blake is the one man who can stop him. After all, he’s already inside his head.

The ex-SAS officer is supposed to be controlling Proctor through an experimental hypnotic technique developed over many years with a black ops unit recently disbanded by the military.

The only problem is that Proctor has gone missing – and the clock has started to tick.

With his MI5 masters demanding action, Blake needs all his military experience to track down his man and defuse the terror plot before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, in the heart of London’s Canary Wharf, a Texan oil billionaire makes a rendezvous with his super yacht for a secret meeting that could be about to change history. How much does he know about the Phineas Priests and could he hold the key to averting tragedy?

And an investigative reporter finds himself hot on the heels of the biggest story he’s ever chased - with the help of a mysterious blonde trying to find her brother who she fears has been murdered in Brazil.

Deep Sleepers - A Tom Blake spy thriller

“The scream came less than ten minutes later, muted by the fabric of the building but unmistakable nonetheless. It was an agonised howl of pain that lifted the hairs on Blake’s body as if he had been struck by a blast of cold air. It was a guttural, animalistic noise. It was the desperate sound that men made when violence was being used to extract information from them.

His grip on his Browning 9mm automatic tightened. The weapon was resting in his lap, his right hand wrapped around the familiar curves of its grip, his index finger on the trigger guard. Its weight felt reassuring. As the cry died away, he found he had already half turned, his left arm reaching across his torso, his hand on the door ready to spring out. But his conscious mind had overridden his physical instinct to react. He tried to relax.

The odds were stacked against a single-handed rescue. There were at least three men inside the building. Another remained in the vehicle outside. One of them had a knife. The others were probably armed. There was only one entrance into the building and he had no idea of the layout inside. Utmost in his mind was the need to protect the cover of the man they had dragged inside the building and to do nothing to jeopardise his safety. He settled back into his seat to watch and to wait.”

Amazon reviews

“…a topical thriller with a story line that is frighteningly plausible…It is brilliantly paced, constantly urging the reader onwards and deeper into the plot….” - Sarge 23

“….this fast-moving thriller reminded me in some ways of The Day of the Jackal with apparently unexplained events coming together in the build-up to an electrifying climax.” – Mr D J McDine

“This book is absolutely fantastically written. Very hard to put down.” – Mr J Thomas

“Just loved this book, couldn't put it down…” Mrs B Ward

About the author

Adrian has been writing for as long as he can remember but Deep Sleepers is his debut novel.

He's been a journalist all his working life. He began his career on local newspapers and now works in regional television news.

He is married to fellow indie-author, Amanda Wills. They live in Faversham in Kent with their two sons, Oliver and Thomas, two cats and two chickens.

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