Sword of Tilk: Book Two: Strange Land

Sword of Tilk: Book Two: Strange Land

ABOUT Pen White

Pen White
Bitten by the writing bug at the age of ten, Pen is an avid reader in addition to being a prolific writer. A native Georgian she lived in Hollywood, California for a year and a half (pursuing Film Studies – an interesting distraction) and six weeks in Asheville, NC (attempting to get her More...



The Oracle foresaw it: The world is about to get much bigger. When a ship sails into the Tilk harbor, it brings with it a very colorful pirate named Gregorio. He has only one objective for visiting the Realm of Tilk: to take the golden Sword of Tilk to Ravenheart, a wizard in Antanavica. To do so, he must kidnap Princess Heather as the Sword cannot be wielded by any save a member of the Royal Family. Barbara, Tiernan and the rest of our intrepid heroes must travel to a strange land to rescue the Princess, making new discoveries and new friends along the way. One of the discoveries they make is a family history unknown to either twin. But when complications follow, one of the twins may never return to Tilk.