The Prang Codex - novel preview

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By Jay Holloway

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Jay Holloway


This is an episodic collection of medieval tales set in the mid twelfth century, in the last remaining independent Saxon monarchy in Plantagenet England, due to a nifty loophole in the law. Medieval tales of dark deeds, underhand dealings, and horrible tuneless wassailing to hideous wailing crumhorns. A set of chronicles in which the King suffers visits from Short and Curly, the two mincing actors from the travelling show Theatre of the Absurd: Lorenz Lawne-Bowlyngge, the flamboyant interior designer & makeover expert: Dr Misaubin, the travelling apothecary and snake-oil man: the misguided owner of a henge-building franchise: Tull, the inventor of the Gardeners Claw: a money-grabbing Water-diviner: an itinerant Tiler: a bunch of homicidal German mercenaries: Joey Pantolooni, the leader of the worst circus on the planet, and many more.
Meet Griswolde Pauncefoote, the worst musician in the world: his brother, the Black Knight: Rijk van Dyjke, the ice sculptor: Max Hispano-Suiza, carriage-builder & dealer in dodgy second-hand carts: Leonardo van Tableaux, the hack tabloid artist: Archer, the Longbowman prepared to commit perjury on the the King's behalf: Dr. Placebo-Ganglion, the castle physician: Blacques Jacques a t'Acques, "French" Captain of the pirate sloop l'Esperance Perdu: Robin Hood: The Assassin Astreau-Turphe: and Henry II (real King).
Here, for the first time together, are extracts from Wizard Prang’s Journal, a chronicler clearly not in the same class as Samuel Pepys, together with the true catastrophic events behind each entry.

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