ABOUT J. Austin Gentry

J. Austin Gentry
Author Bio: J. Austin Gentry, Author of the CHURN series and has released THE SISSY FIGHT - Churn Bk II.  He happily resides in the NE hills of PA, USA.  FOR UPDATES please visit -     


         Bill Towerse just purchased an ancient Italian estate for his deserving wife Bonnie in the summer of 2003. What Bill and his loved one experience, is only one of many other spiraling terror-endorsed acts of murder and devoured spirit that is committed throughout the centuries long before Christ. An unearthly entity takes great pleasure in its twisted encounters with humans; Bill joins efforts with a single mother (Lisa Cacuzzo), from a neighboring Italian village. Lisa violently lost her father to this entity and is in desperate need to protect her five year-old son, little Lorenzo. In their findings, they unlock the secret of the entity and the very reason for its design. A large endeavor ahead of them, but nonetheless for Bill and his new trusted friend Lisa who are destined to travel the far reaches of the earth. Not realizing they are caught up in the ordained mission, they seek out to find others like themselves who want to destroy this enemy. Follow these two heroes as they struggle with their losses and fight to protect their loved ones, vowing to each other to see it through to the end.

Fear, anger, redemption and love.