Rag & Bones: Trapped (The Rag & Bones Vampire Series)

ABOUT Juliet Boyd

Juliet Boyd
Juliet Boyd lives in Somerset in the south west of England. Her main interests in writing are flash fiction, weird fiction, fantasy, science fiction and horror. She is the author of the DevilDave stories and the Rag & Bones series. She has been published in print, online, on mobile pho More...



Not every night is filled with the kind of danger that can get you killed, but the night that Rag comes across a mysterious young woman who is being chased by a group of equally young vampires, certainly has potential. He finds himself sucked into a situation that could change his life forever and is compelled to help her, although he has no idea why.

Rag needs to find out the truth about what’s happening, and quickly, because he has an uneasy feeling that time is running out.