The Uncommon Philosopher: The Wisdom of Boethius, Maimonides and Schumacher

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James Macfarlane



The book explores the thought of Boethius, a Roman Christian patrician, - Maimonides, one of the greatest of Jewish Rabbinic scholars, and Schumacher, an economist and thinker of the 20th. century. Each wrote about a philosophy of life that could be embraced by anyone willing to engage in serious thought about scientific, philosophical and theological issues, or just life itself as we know it. Although separated in time, and coming from different cultural backgrounds, there is a remarkable unanimity of thought in the three writers

Can you be Catholic and Jewish at the same time? Perhaps a select few have that dual status. It is not so in my own case. I am neither Jewish nor Catholic. But I have unbounded admiration for both traditions. So, in my first book I have written about three thinkers. One is Jewish and two are Catholic. If, in this way, I can draw a little closer to their thinking and convictions, and make their insights accessible to others, I will be well pleased with that. The bottom line is this. I wrote the book because I believe that what they said was true, and all people of goodwill can join hands in the circle of truth.

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