By Jaimey Grant

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Jaimey Grant

Jaimey Grant
I first delved into the Regency time period nearly ten years ago and haven't stopped since. After several years of tapping away at a keyboard for my own entertainment, I finally took the next step and published four of my Regency romances in 2008. I plan to publish at least four more in 2009.


Running for her life, Bri finds herself in a situation she cannot escape-under the power of Adam Prestwich. Returned to the clutches of her money-hungry family, she tries her best to endure the petty cruelties and indignities inflicted on her by her family and her betrothed. When the abuse becomes too much, she must rely on her friends to save her even though she has done everything in her power to drive them away. 

Adam Prestwich is keeping secrets. Owning a title he'd rather not acknowledge is the least of them. Falling in love with a woman he despises quickly becomes the worst of them. When the actions of her family once again place her in his care, he must distance himself to avoid an entanglement that would cause nothing but misery.