General Fiction

By Danielle Steel

Publisher : Delacorte Press; Limited edition (July 29, 2008)


ABOUT Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel
America reads Danielle Steel. And so does the rest of the world. There are more than 570 million copies of her books in print, and every one of her books is a bestseller. In short, Danielle Steel is the most popular author writing today. She is read by women, men, young people, More...


"Rogue" was a lot of fun to write, about two people, once married, who couldn't be more opposite in their personalities and lifestyles. He is an instant success with an unimaginable amount of money, and an irrepressible, irresponsible nature. She, a dedicated psychiatrist for adolescents in crisis. Her life is in perfect order, her goals clear. He careens through life having a ball. And they share three wonderful children. As the story opens, they are divorced, have become good friends, and are still deeply fond of each other, but enjoying their separate lives. She has found Mr. Right at last, a fellow phsyician, with a meticulous, precise nature, and no children. And then, as happens to all of us sometimes, reality intervenes. Her kids behave like kids and arent nearly so keen on their future stepfather, as their mother is. And their father suddenly grows up, and makes life utterly confusing for all concerned. The 'rogue' in the story is lovable, irresistible, and adds fun to the story. And the ending is not at all the one anyone planned or expected. I hope you have a good time with this book, and as much fun as I did writing it. Sometimes having a 'rogue' in your life is not such a bad thing!!!
“Steel keeps the pages turning and offers a satisfying twist at the book’s end that most readers won’t see coming.”
—Publishers Weekly