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ABOUT Sammar Essmat

Sammar Essmat
Sammar Essmat was born in Germany and was raised in Berlin and Cairo. She studied politics and economics in the UK and graduated from the London School of Economics. Sammar moved back to her native Egypt and spent a decade working in economic development. She currently lives in Washington  More...



A secret kept for generations. A woman in search for her identity. A book that will tell her story. A young woman enters a book store and is attracted to a book with an unusual title. As she sits in a nearby café to read it, she is approached by a man she has never seen before. He holds the answers she has desperately searched for all her life. Who is that mysterious stranger? Sister Ann Beaudet falls pregnant in a convent and delivers her son in secret. She flees in shame to France and refuses resolutely to reveal the identity of his clandestine father. When she takes her fatal secret to her grave, she leaves her anguished son tormented. Who is his father? Jamila completes her medical studies and returns with verve to her village to help the old and the sick. She gradually wins the trust and respect of the village community and finds happiness in her vocation. Until, one fateful night, she is taken away and killed by the enraged village council. Why must Jamila die? A dying writer. A fallen nun. A passionate doctor: From the intellectual circles of post-war Paris to the dusty bazaars of post-independence Morocco. From the serenity of the Atlas mountains to the idyllic villages of the French Mediterranean. Unravel a story that will bit by bit reveal its secrets and share the wisdoms of life with you. Find out more at