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Leonie Milne
Leonie Milne started Romance writing as a child leading eventually to her first published work here on Kindle with "Now And Then". She currently writes Romances, some Contemporary and others with a twist of magic, witches and a curse. Paranormal adventures are in the pipeline. Le More...



Trusting in love should be the easiest thing to do. Can two people find faith in themselves and each other before danger from the past interferes. Riley and Cameron will need all of their wits and strength to conquer their pasts and to find the illusive happiness each of them deserve in the present and future.

Riley's life had never been simple or easy, for a woman with an I Q, that surpassed that of normal man or woman. Unfortunately her intelligence had made her, from a very young age, either a useful commodity or a dangerous threat. She had never been under any illusions that for a greater part of her life she was a target. The death of Cameron's parents at a young age left a gaping hole in his heart that neither the love of his grandparents or siblings could completely fill. As those closest to Cameron watched the boy turn into a man as they saw the once loving child become entombed behind a steal heart. Together these most unlikely of people will be pulled together. Will they learn to trust and to love or will the ghosts of their past rise up to tear them apart?