Fire and Ash (Immortal Touch Series)

ABOUT Allie Gail

Allie Gail
I am an independent author fairly new to the rewarding world of writing! Reading has always been a passion of mine, so it only seemed logical that I would eventually delve into this uncharted territory. As it turns out, it's a wonderful outlet for a runaway imagination and I'm having a bl More...



To the humans employed at his beachfront resort, Florida real estate developer Asher Reid is known as a narcissistic womanizer and temperamental control freak. To the secret, select group of immortals, he is the irrefutable enforcer of vampire law. Yet hidden beneath the charismatic façade lie the alpha’s true obsessions - adrenaline highs, nightshade and an enduring lust for depravity.

Running from a faithless ex-fiancé who won’t stop stalking her, Samara Porter hopes to find refuge working within the posh resort. But her tropical paradise houses an even bigger threat when she becomes the prime target for Asher’s unwholesome games. Seduced by his deviant desires, Sami quickly finds herself caught up in a world where pain and pleasure coexist, testing the boundaries of how far she is willing to go to learn his corrupt secrets. And with her final test of loyalty comes a dark ultimatum - to kill for him…or face his lethal wrath.

Are you ready to go someplace dark?

Approximately 103,000 words. Intended for mature audiences only. This book contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature that sensitive readers might find disturbing or offensive.

This book is part two of a series. Follow Julian and Eva from Winter's Touch as they're introduced to the leader of a diverse group known as immortals. Meet Asher Reid - a sexy tyrant with an affinity for sixties music, erotic edgeplay and murder. He's a domineering vampire you'll love to hate - and when worlds collide, things could get bloody!