Place 33

ABOUT Sherilyn Bridget Avalon

Sherilyn Bridget Avalon
Sherilyn is a Spiritual Teacher and founding member of Awaken Ascension Evolution, an organization dedicated to providing spiritual guidance to those on a path of self-discovery. It is a ministry of healing through which she and her coleagues assists truth seekers on their journey towards  More...



Ready for an Adventure into Enlightenment?

Lose yourself in a fantastic journey through worlds and dimensions you’ve never imagined at the touch of a button. Take the Elevator of Enlightenment with Sherilyn and Sterling as they escape the world we know. Join them on their hypnotic travels through lands where lessons and experiences about self-growth, relationships, the choices we make, Karma and much more are discovered.

Instead of another dry how-to book, “Place 33: Secrets of Universal Truths Revealed” sends you on an amazing adventure hypnotically channeled by Spirit to author Sherilyn Bridget Avalon. As our world hurtles toward change and massive shifts faster and faster, Sherilyn decided now is the perfect time to release the wisdom given her by Spirit through hypnosis. 

You’ll grow and elevate your conscious awareness in a myriad of ways as you learn lessons through story, and, a voyage to discover stunning truths. Most of all, love for yourself, for others and an acceptance our miraculous universe and all its dimensions exactly as it is and the many way it’s shifting and transforming.