Cob: Search For A Serial Killer

ABOUT Brian Benson

Brian Benson
I'm a retired private investigator, writing mystery thrillers.



If you're scared of the dark, then put this book down. If you like fairy tales, go read Alice in Wonderland. If you have the need for nice tidy little endings, then maybe you should go and check out Good Housekeeping Magazine. This book is about that pit of darkness that exists in the human psyche. It is about the twists and turns that can happen in human nature, and turn a child into a psychopathic killer. Somewhere in this story you might find a little bit of yourself, hopefully in one of the characters on our investigative team. When I was a kid, there was a television show that started out with the narrative ?The story you are about to see is true, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.? Well, the story you are about to read is true. It is written through the eyes and language of an investigator. Every person in it is from real life. Their names I have changed to protect their real identities. My name is Brent Dulac. I am a private investigator, or was before the darkness of serial killer Richard Michael Minton nearly ended my life. The hunt for this killer began in my teenage years, and continued well into my thirties. If you are ready to take this ride, then let?s begin. I can?t say for sure that you will be the same after our journey, but isn?t that the way life is? You just never know sometimes what is beyond that bend in the road, or on the other side of the door. I?ll stop holding your hand now, and point you toward the darkness.