The Black Cloud of Kandar

ABOUT Papadave Barry

Papadave Barry
Papadave is a Grandpa who has always delighted his children, and now his grandkids, with his made-up stories. He has been writing for years, and now that he has retired, he wants to share his tales. And he hopes parents and kids will want to share them, too.


Long ago, in a place where wizards and castles and kings were found, Brian was just a simple cobbler, making gloves and boots and shoes for his neighbors.

In his own words, Brian tells of the adventure that started with an unexpected visit from the king.

The king needed Brian to rescue his son, Prince Randrim, from the wizard, Saukon. Brian, accompanied by a very short wizard, set out to find the prince.

            Along their way they met a cave full of skeletons, a cursed princess, and an evil tyrant, and saved a nation and the prince.

            Learn how he accomplished all this with a smile on his face and a song in his heart when he met the Black Cloud of Kandar. 

What child would not enjoy such a tale?

Nobody dies, nobody even gets injured.

The wizards fight and their magic saves both of them from harm until they each use up their magic.

Even the thousands of skeletons regain their bodies.

Brian, the hero of our book, succeeds because he is a true friend.

The princess, once she is uncursed, becomes a benevolent Queen, which will make any modern little girl proud.

Reviewed by Dylan James  for Reader Views Kids

In “The Black Cloud of Kandar,” Brian wonders why he was picked to rescue the prince. I mean, after all, he is just a cobbler, right? Wrong! Through a great and perilous adventure, Brian learns that he’s much more than a common cobbler; he’s a hero!  While saving kingdoms and rescuing princes, Brian will overcome his challenges. Or will he? With an evil sorcerer that controls a kingdom, Brian will have to have a lot of help to win this one!

“The Black Cloud of Kandar” is a brilliant book. This book contains a great adventure, ongoing suspense, and kid-friendly action - all in just 90 pages!  There was no gore or any kind of inappropriate content. The younger the reader the more this book will be liked, but this book will be liked by anybody 12 and under. I was very interested in learning what would happen at the end of this book. I couldn’t put it down because I was so gripped by the thrilling story.  There’s no reason not to read this adventure. Both boys and girls will like this book equally, though most of the main characters are boys. The writing was really good at making me want more. This is the kind of book that is perfect for young story-loving kids.

My favorite part of “The Black Cloud of Kandar” was an epic battle that decides the end of this book.