Frankenstein Vigilante. The Steampunk series. #1: The Incorruptibles

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Geale Peter Lawrence

Publisher : Peter Lawrence & Chris Trengove

Frankenstein Vigilante. The Steampunk series. #1: The Incorruptibles

ABOUT Geale Peter Lawrence

Geale Peter Lawrence
Brought up in Zambia.  Educated in England.  Came to the USA in 1986 - New York and then Los Angeles.  Author, screenwriter, sailor, swimmer.  Frequently writre with Chris Trengove, co-author of the Frankenstein Vigilante series. Live on a boat in Ventura, CA.



THE INCORRUPTIBLES is Lawrence and Trengove's first new full-length novel in many years, the first of a series of FRANKENSTEIN VIGILANTE books.  It's a steampunk adventure which, while it features many of the genre's tropes (coal-powered steam technology, forbidden Victorian fashions and sensual eroticism, for example) pushes steampunk fiction into original and startling territory.  

The story is set in The Smoke, a dystopian city-state whose overlords keep the population firmly in their place with the help of corrupt law enforcement and unimaginably cruel mobsters the Silencios.  The heroes are a crew of youthful vigilantes, the Incorruptibles, set on overthrowing the venal and oppressive ruling class. They’re led by Cerval Frankenstein, direct descendant of the original Doctor, and they have a fearsome secret weapon: Thorsten Laverack and his mighty steam-powered prosthetic arm. Prominent among the heroes are four powerful and very individual women. 

THE INCORRUPTIBLES is an original, one-of-a-kind book, reflecting the kind of unique world portrayed in Ian Grainger’s cover image. Polluted, dark and dangerous, city-state The Smoke is surrounded by impenetrable jungle, the home of warring tribespeople, on the far fringes of which lies the Frankensteins’ ancestral estate. The book adds wild retro-futuristic inventions - giant rubber-powered aircraft, for example - to the lexicon of steampunk technology.   

Written in a literate but graphic style, the story unfolds in roller-coaster scenes of violence, wild sex and laugh-out-loud humour. This novel may be Lawrence and Trengove's first in a while, but THE INCORRUPTIBLES reflects many of the outrageous perspectives of their other books. In turns exciting, horrifying, sexy and funny, THE INCORRUPTIBLES revolutionizes steampunk fiction and brings it to a new, wider audience.  The second volume of FRANKENSTEIN VIGILANTE: THE STEAMPUNK SERIES will be published later this year. 

Chris and I have written a lot of animation - movies and TV. We both love animé and I'm particularly intrigued by the wilder shores of steampunk. I had been playing around with an out-there 'Frankenstein FBI' premise: a law enforcement agency - the FBI - building its own super-agent but in the end we decided to take the idea into a much more original - even bizarre - parallel universe: the youth of a City State, The Smoke - led by a direct descendent of the original Frankenstein, attempt to overthrow a repressive criminal regime.

Among many Amazon reviews: "What a launch ! This is obviously the first in a series, and a debut with terrific promise.
Lawrence and Trengove have pinned their ears back and thrust us on a rollicking ride through
sci-fi, fantasy, civic responsibility, adult porn, gang warfare, and a dozen or so other genres.
Basically, it's a tale of revolution as involving as Les Miz, all presented with crackling energy
and a bawdy sense of humor. Included are more plot lines than Medusa has hair, and more
characters than a Ringling Brothers circus. We have heroes and heroines, villains and pawns.
We have an environment and dialogue that seems to wed Quentin Tarentino with Philip Dick,
with the shade of the Frankenstein saga hovering in the background. Oh yes - and we have
love, sex, combat, thrills, discovery.
The basic story takes place in a dismal land called The Smoke. Here the social strata suspiciously
resemble a vision of London or Liverpool, maybe, about the time of Jack the Ripper - corrupt, dark, polluted,
clogged with crowds of needy poor. But there's a counterforce, too - actually, several - including a
crusading reporter, a wealthy reformer, some young Che Guevaras, some free-thinking Amazons.
As the incipient revolution unfolds, we get snippets of scientific tinkering and mechanical creativity
that would warm the heart of a Tom Swift. Come to think of it, there are lots of ideas and developments
that would evoke a chuckle or three out of Jonathan, too.
Great stuff, guys. Bring on Book Two !"

Of an earlier book, The Times (London) wrote: "... unmistakably the start of an irresistible composite talent... "