Frog Boy-Frog Boy's Origin story

Frog Boy-Frog Boy's Origin story

ABOUT Cade Hawkins

Cade Hawkins
I'm currently writing the Frog Boy series, Battery man legends series, Bobby and Gary Rice P.I. Series,
I like to write action, adventure and comedy mostly. The Character Frog Boy came about in 2001 as a child's game of pretend but then in around the start of 2013 I wrote his first  More...



Frog Boy's Origin, The classic tale of the teenage superhero done in a brand new way! A gift from his friend Plug gives Our hero Mike Wornhouse many different abilities and gadgets, he decides he should use he's powers for good and become protector of his home town: Bensworth! This may sound like a normal superhero story but it's much different! Join Mike as he becomes: Frog Boy!