ABOUT Rita Hsu Syers

Rita Hsu Syers
I have two published books, the first is MYSTERY OF THE CRYING GHOST, a juvenile mystery/adventure series with a supernatural twist for ages 8-13. The next book in the series, CURSE OF THE STONE IDOL, will be out very soon.

The second book is PUREHEART, published this month, a s More...



In a seemingly quiet town in upstate New York, forces are at work that have been brought about by three teenaged girls who wanted to raise a little hell – a demon to be exact. After being banished from Heaven, this demon has been waiting for what seems like eternity to be released. What these girls don’t realize is that the raising of this demon will bring about destruction on Earth that they cannot even begin to understand. Their only hope is a small Boston terrier named Jack, and his little sister, Scout. These are not ordinary dogs, one can heal and the other is a warrior. They were born to prevent the impending destruction, but the same evil forces existing in this small town are feverishly trying to destroy these two dogs.


Demons, witches, and Angels from God abound on earth in fury battles.  The conclusion will make you a believer that the main character of PUREHEART is a champion in all sense of the word.  Jack, a Boston terrier, and his sister, Scout, bring to life a story that revolves around the nether world and other unearthly creatures which are swiftly dispatched.  A thrilling read which will have you longing for more.  J. K. Rowling, move over, Rita Hsu Syers has arrived!


                                                                        Clark Isaacs, Clark’s Eye on Books


One of the best of these stories of mystical powers that I have read in a long time, Ms. Syers has pulled off a new format for this type of writing. I can truly say that I could not put Pureheart down because of the action and drama that kept coming throughout the entire book.   5-Star Review!


                                                                        Mind Fog Reviews


This book is a bit of a frightening, even disturbing read, but I still found it very enjoyable. I would definitely call this one a page turner. 5-Star Review!


                                                                        Ghostwriters Literary Reviews