Overseas Chronicle-The Rome and Amsterdam Experience

Overseas Chronicle-The Rome and Amsterdam Experience

ABOUT Joel Savage

Joel Savage
Joel Savage is a freelance writer, who enjoys the challenges of creativity and adventure.  His work is considered to be pure genre of creative nonfiction of human touch, with appeal to a broad general audience.
He was born in the central region of Ghana, Cape Coast, on January 19, 19 More...



Overseas Chronicle: The Rome and Amsterdam Experience is another suspenseful, thrilling epic tale of Joel Savage's books inspired by true events. As an illegal immigrant in Europe, before documented, he narrates how he survived the hostile harsh conditions and mafia gangs of Rome, Italy, by sleeping at rough places including the central train station and the notorious pantanella, an ex-Pasta factory, which harbored all criminal activities. He tried and made it to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, only to realize that he has just come to a country whose hard immigration policies and liberal laws on drugs like marijuana, had taken its toll on many illegal immigrants as junkies, alcoholics, coupled with depression and mental problems. Eager to get documents he made a wrong move, landing him behind bars. One may never know the experience of being an illegal immigrant until reading this comprehensive and vivid account of Joel Savage's experience in both Rome and Amsterdam. Overseas Chronicle: The Rome and Amsterdam Experience, is a book of pain, anguish and sorrow, written with passion.