The Circle of Sodom

ABOUT Pat Mullan

Pat Mullan
Pat Mullan is Ireland Chair of International Thriller Writers and he is a member of Mystery Writers of America. His thriller novels, poetry, and short stories are widely published in the US, Ireland, and the UK.  Recent work has appeared in the anthology, DUBLIN NOIR, published in the USA More...



COUNTY GALWAY, IRELAND – Highly praised author Pat Mullan merges intriguing elements of global politics with simmering plots and controversial characters in his latest electrifying novel The CIRCLE of SODOM . Dubbed by noted literary critics as "a cracking thriller that’s a thumping good read…exceptionally well written," The CIRCLE of SODOM follows Owen MacDara’s deadly mission to avert an intricate plan to overthrow the US government.

Owen is a karate expert and a decorated secret agent. His task is to protect the life of the president; failure would send America into chaos at the hands of her enemies. Kate Whiteside, Owen’s love interest and a general's illegitimate daughter, plays a pivotal role in Owen’s desperate quest to crush the three powerful forces that are carefully plotting the first coup d’etat in America. Can Owen’s strategy match the threats of a cult leader, a militia commander and a mad senator? What if the lives of people dear to him are in extreme danger? Will he risk his life for his country?

From murder on the streets of New York to mystery on the high seas off New England, The CIRCLE of SODOM takes the reader on a wild manhunt that follows Owen's fateful odyssey to the hills of Tennessee, where the rules of the game suddenly shift into dangerous military tactics and personal conflicts.

Fellow authors Gary Goss and Ken Bruen call it, respectively, a "huge accomplishment" and "a thriller that will do exactly that…thrill you!"