A Candle Amongst the Stars (Zerra Series)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By K. Llewellin

Publisher : Self-published

ABOUT K. Llewellin

K. Llewellin
I grew up in the 80's to 00's, during the heady days of terrestrial TV sci-fi. Long-running cult series, combined with re-runs of kitsch 70's shows, ensured I spent my evenings permanently glued to the TV. This had a profound effect on my fertile imagination, and it wasn't long before stra More...



In the future, the word "humanity" seems to have lost all meaning. Humans have joined forces with other races, to form the Orion Alliance, and are systematically slaughtering and enslaving all before them in the unending pursuit of power and resources. No one, it seems, can halt the tide of war.

In a quiet corner of the galaxy resides the planet Zerra. High above her surface orbits the Scientific Research Vessel Scientia, where Zerrens and humans work together in the name of scientific advancement. But the tenuous peace between the two races is about to be shattered. Zerra has been marked for conquest.

With no hope in sight, some pray, some dare to question their loyalty to mankind's cause and a brave few conspire. But will it be enough to save Zerra, and ultimately, the human species?

This is the first novel in the Zerra series.

Adult content. Not suitable for those under 16yrs old.

This book is culmination of a fertile imagination & unemployment.