ABOUT JC Johnson

JC Johnson
J.C. Johnson (born in London, United Kingdom in 1973) is a British author, life coach and speaker who has written the controversial book titled ‘Woman vs Womaniser, this is the book men do not want women to read’. For sometime now, various media sources have been describing J.C Johnson More...



The Teenage Compass holds the most valuable guidance on life, and finding your way in the world. It ensures that amongst the adventure, mystery, distractions, fears, and obstacles of life, you will find the direction that is right for you. 

• The secret to finding your hidden talents
• How to see through the eyes of others
• Why seeking the truth is the only way
• How to accelerate your development
• Why you should never conform
• The basic fear that will stop you having what you want
• Why real happiness can never be found without mastering fear