Long-Lost Brother (Beneath the Surface)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Erren Grey Wolf

Publisher : Createspace and Kindle Direct

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Erren Grey Wolf
I was born in York, north of Toronto, Canada. My parents were immigrants from Great Britain. My mother is Scottish, my father is English, but both have a strong Irish ancestry. I was conceived in Durham County, England, before my parents immigrated to Canada, so I have joked in the past th More...



Beneath the Surface: Long-Lost Brother (Vol 2): Sean made a terrible mistake when he heartlessly abandoned his unusual little brother in the haunted forest and he spent five years hunting determinedly for redemption. In Long-Lost Brother, Sean finds the lost boy amongst a pack of wolves he can communicate with telepathically. Their happy reunion opens up Sean’s own latent telepathy and metaphysical sight. Unfortunately, when Sean brings his strange brother home, he finds an ancient fairy tale proves to be true: once a human has eaten the mystical foods of the Otherworld, he can never eat the mundane foods of the outer world ever again. Unresolved family problems worsen the issue. Sean’s gruff father never came to terms with the death of his wife during childbirth and he can give his youngest son no love; instead, he drowns his sorrows in alcohol. Five years ago, Sean did not care whether his kid brother lived or died. Now he fears that the precious life of the little boy he has come to love is slipping perilously out of his hands and he is desperate to find a solution before the sad child starves to death in a land of plenty.


Sean lowered his head like a fierce stag protecting a tender fawn against a predator. He looked up from beneath his angry brows and threatened with bold words like deadly prongs aimed at the doctor, “Don’t you dare touch him! There is no way in hell I will let the brain doctors anywhere near my little brother! If I see anyone come at us with a scalpel, I swear to God I will kill them!”

They are my visions brought to life upon the printed world!





Gripping Continuation May 9, 2013

By chettsgenie@yahoo.co.uk

'Beneath the Surface: Long Lost Brother' is the second book in the trilogy about brothers Sean & Erren and the impact their actions have on each other's life. Erren is now home with his brother and father but he is having some trouble adjusting and this problem quickly becomes life threatening.

I was sufficiently invested in the characters from reading the first book when I started reading this so Erren's problems hit me hard and I was very worried for the little boy, much as his brother Sean was throughout. The threat of death felt very real. His father's problems were grueling and I really wanted him to wake up to himself and the pain he was causing Erren. I sympathised entirely with Sean and his desperation to help his brother survive.

There are little hints throughout the book that what is coming next will be even more difficult for Erren so I get the feeling book number 3 will be even more emotionally infused and will remain a captivating enthralling read. I am eager to see what happens next for the brothers and will miss them sorely when the story ends.