Time Rider (Rise of the Skipworths)

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Kristen Skipworth, a physician with an extraordinary empathic ability and a tendency to take in strays, knows her fair share of pain. Struggling to overcome the anguish of losing her twin in a freak accident, Kristen is bombarded with emotions and thoughts as strong as her own. As she struggles to identify the source of these feelings, she stumbles upon a battered, seemingly psychotic man, whose pain has almost undone her.

Helping this stray plunges her into dangers she never imagined possible. Every moment draws Kristen and Rider closer, as Kristen starts to feel things she has sworn to never feel again. Will taking in this stray be the death of her? Or will Kristen find a reluctant protector in her psychotic patient?

He was still out there, frightened, hurting, furious. His anger and pain flowed like a red watercolor wash over Kristen's dreams. Giving up on sleep, she dragged out of bed and wrapped a wool robe around her. There was no escaping him. She'd tried. Music, wine, even the sleeping pills left over from Skipper's death, and still his pain and fury reached her.

At first, she'd thought the insidious feelings were a return of the sympathetic aftershocks that had rocked her after Skipper died. But those echoes had long since faded. So when the fear and pain had reverberated inside her two days ago, she'd been plunged back in time to the harrowing weeks after her twin brother's funeral. Back to nights of black panic when she would jerk awake out of a sound sleep, senses alert, only to remember for the twentieth, or fiftieth, or hundredth time, that it couldn't be Skipper. Skipper was dead.

Finally the ghostly sensations had faded, like the phantom pain of an amputated limb, and Kristen had been left with an aching void where her twin brother—her other self—had been. She'd always lived with him inside her, linked to him in a way other people could never understand. When he'd died, a part of her self had been ripped away. It had taken her a year to get over the worst of it, a year before Skipper's song had completely faded.

Sometimes now, the silence left by his death overwhelmed her. Oh, she gleaned things from others around her, but they were just feelings, a weak manifestation of the empathy she’d shared with her brother. They’d always been there, as much a part of her as the sound of the wind. She'd learned a long time ago to detach herself from them. She'd been doing really well too, until two days ago, when he had showed up in her mind.

Tonight was the worst so far. She pushed her hair away from her damp forehead, wishing she could push him away as easily.

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"I felt as if I were on an adrenaline high throughout this extremely adventurous book. I highly recommend this book to fans of futuristic, paranormals and time travels. It’s sure to satisfy on all counts." —Kathy Boswell, RT Magazine. 4-1/2 stars, TOP PICK

"TIME RIDER is a fantastic work of romantic suspense that would make an action packed movie....TIME RIDER deserves to go on the "keeper shelf" because decades from now it will be considered a classic." --Harriet Klaussner PNR

"Just the right mix for the Paranormal romance fan to want this available to read again and again.-- Cy Korte, EBook Isle.

"One of the most fully-drawn relationships to be seen in science fiction. Or mainstream." -- SF Site

"This is an astounding novel, and the author carries it off with elan and grace." Patricia White -- Under the Covers Book Reviews

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