Somebody Prayed for Me by various authors

General Fiction

By Tinisha Johnson

Publisher : Xpress Yourself Publishing

ABOUT Tinisha Johnson

Tinisha Johnson
Author/Writer/Poet residing in Denver, Colorado. I write freelance articles for the Denver Examiner, a local news source. Besides writing, I also host political and sports teleconferences. Learn more about my articles and books at my website.



Somebody Prayed for Me is an inspirational and uplifting book about the power of prayer. It consists of fictional short-stories about various social issues ranging from racism, rape, teenage violence, domestic violence and alcoholism. When you are going through problems and worries of your own, and don't have the strength to pray for yourself. Someone, somewhere is praying for you.
"An emotional release...Somebody Prayed For Me is filled with heartfelt stories and poems that challenges the reader to confront the deep hidden toils within and release them to the power of prayer."
- Wanda B. Campbell, author of First Sunday in October.

"Somebody Prayed For Me is truly inspiring! These uplifting poems and stories really fill your soul with peace and optimism!"
Tamara Angela Grant, author of Promises Made, Promises Kept.

"Will somebody please pass me a fan! Linda, Tinisha and Allyson, have written a compilation of stories and poems that are bound to touch the hearts and souls of everyone who reads them and leave them saying without doubt Somebody Prayed for Me.
- Peron F. Long, author of Pulpit Confessions.