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Jen Shakeel



This is the quickest way to lose weight fast. In this simple program you will learn how to actually eat more and lose more weight. Stop wasting money on gimmicks that are only going to cause your wallet to slim down. You only need to follow the program for 2 weeks and you will lose 10 pounds. The only thing you will need to buy aside from this book is food. Simple fresh foods available in any grocery.

Follow the eating plan exactly as it is laid out and the weight will fall off! What would losing ten pounds mean to you?

Plus, Jen Shakeel offers you a way to get personal support, meal plans, and coaching during your 2 week program inlcuded with this book.

Finish the two weeks and enter the contest at the end of the book where you have the chance to win two additional weeks of free coaching and a Visa gift card. Don't forget to take your before shots!