Hammon Falls

General Fiction

By Dave Hoing

Publisher : All Things That Matter Press

ABOUT Dave Hoing

Dave Hoing
Dave Hoing is the co-author, with Roger Hileman, of the historical novel Hammon Falls and the short story collection Voices of Arra. He has also published a solo collection of short stories called Tales of Earth. In addition, he is a composer, artist, and collector of antiquarian books. He More...



When George Hammon's teenaged wife dies in childbirth in 1914, he flees small-town Iowa for Europe and the horrors of the Great War. Surviving battles, homelessness, and disease, he squanders his days on women and wine, trying to forget his lost love. But life is not idle in Iowa during his absence, and when a bitter and weary George comes home twenty-two years later, he finds a web of murder, suicide, and shocking revelations. The future of his family rests on one terrible choice...but is he prepared to make it? Spanning the years 1893 through 2009, "Hammon Falls" weaves a tapestry of estrangement, loss, love, sacrifice, and redemption.

Co-author Roger Hileman wrote a screenplay inspired by an incident in the life of his grandmother when she was a teenager. Dave Hoing read the screenplay, loved it, and suggested they write a novelized version of it. The result was Hammon Falls.

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