Pulchritude: Volume One

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance

By J. K. Ervin

Publisher : CreateSpace

Pulchritude: Volume One

ABOUT J. K. Ervin

J. K. Ervin
I love the rain, snow, and a cozy fireplace to curl up to with a book. I like playing outside with my youngins. I laugh-a lot. Usually about things that happened days ago. Sometimes it takes me that long to get it. I'm a sucker for a tear jerking romantic story.  Reading is Sexy! -J. K. Ervin



Lt. Blake Morgan is rather ordinary by all appearances. Though, appearances can be deceiving. His normal life is soon obliterated by unexpected twist and turns when he has a spellbinding encounter with a mythical creature. 
Blake is faced with many earth shattering revelations, though the one that affects him the most, is his undeniable love for the creature Cora. She will soon help him unravel a millennium old puzzle, in which he finds himself being the key to the beginning and the end. 
He will have to choose between his species, his new found soul mate, or himself...

"The story is captivating and riviting."

"Deffinately worth reading. It will leave your jaw dropped."

"Page turner for sure."

"I can't wait to read Volume Two."