The Hellbringer

General Fiction

By Sumner Wilson

Publisher : Create Space-P-Ridge Press

ABOUT Sumner Wilson

Sumner Wilson
Sumner Wilson is a retired railroad trainman. He took up writing to bedevil time in motel rooms while waiting to "get-out" on homebound trips. He has been published in Capper's, Big Muddy, A Journal of Southeast Missouri State University, sold two-dozen stories to Sterling/McFad More...



Axel Twelvetrees and his ruthless gang of cutthroats enter Jack Mahann's saloon in Sweet Home, Kansas, slices him up with a razor, leaves him for dead, and kidnaps his woman, Carla Daws.

Mahann recovers and strikes out in a wild and frantic search for Carla and to even the score with the mad man Twelvetrees.

Twelvetrees makes a crucial mistake by not killing Mahann. Now Jack is riding hot on his trail at a heart-pounding pace, determined to turn aside all the tormented, primitive forces of hell to free Carla and to bring Twelvetrees to justice.

4.1 out of 5 stars
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