Curbchek-Reload: Curbchek's darker meaner cousin

Curbchek-Reload: Curbchek's darker meaner cousin

ABOUT Zach Fortier

Zach Fortier
I am the author of Curbchek and the upcoming Streetcreds. I have been a cop for over 28 years and these two books detail some of the experiences I had. I currently Live in Colorado with my wife(an amazing woman!) on a Mountain.



Curbchek-Reload is the third True Crime account written by
Zach Fortier. Like the two previous books, Curbchek and Streetcreds, it is
based on real events that happened to Zach Fortier during a thirty year career
in Law Enforcement. Curbchek-Reload is a dark account of the final years of
Zach's time spent as a cop, He is damaged and paranoid.  Having survived frequent life and death
battles. He is taking dangerous risks and pushing himself to the limits.  Sprinkled with humorous events to
lighten the razors edge descriptions of
the daily shootings, stabbings and, rapes,  Curbchek Reload has the highest rating of any of Zach Fortier's
books.   If you like your true crime edgy and dark take a look at
Curbchek-Reload. You will not be disappointed