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Anthony C Fletcher
Artoni (Anthony C. Fletcher) is a visionary fine artist, writer and graphic designer who creates art to encourage a positive balance in the world. His work can be found in many private collections of contemporary American art. He has conducted art and design workshops in Central America  More...


Welcome to the premiere issue of a new episodic action-adventure series called C2 & Posse: Inner-City Heroes! (pronounced Cee-Squared).


This dynamic visually driven adventure begins with episode #4 set in the year 2150.  While visiting the Museum of Natural Mystery, our inner-city teenagers get kidnapped by covert agents of the evil empire and find themselves... “Caught in the Mix!” 


Later they discover that this evil empire with its storm trooper androids, generals, covert agents and technology - destroyed life on all the planets in our solar system....now earth is their next target.


Character Profiles

C2  is an African-American and is the Posse’s leader and resident scientist, utilizing his keen knowledge of mathematics, he creates all the hip scientific hardware they use from recycled trash. He also raps, loves Hip-Hop and R&B, plays piano and keyboards and produces the group’s phat soundtrack.


SPOONY-BREEZE ™ is a Caucasian-American who’s real cool and real quick. His nose twitches when there’s danger. He plays drums, paints and loves Jazz, Urban-Contemporary Music, basketball and golf. His jump-shots are legendary in the neighborhood.


GLOW ™ is an Asian-American who’s jovial and energetic with a distinctively infectious laugh and a glowing personality. Though a little on the chubby side, he is a physically superior athlete and martial arts expert who loves to eat. He plays tenor saxophone, loves Elvis Presley and Rock and Roll.


PEPPERMINT-T ™ is a Latina-American and is the stylish and sassy informational specialist that monitors the airwaves (audio/video) for ILOE related disturbances. On the science tip, she’s a whiz and cracks computer access codes with her special skills and hardware. She’s got a green-thumb, plays guitar and sings love songs, but please don’t be fooled...she’s no wimp! She’s got a powerful right cross and is not afraid to fight for the truth!


These new “Inner-City Heroes™” are dramatic, humorous and exciting! They provide an excellent communication vehicle, building awareness of issues concerning children, teenagers, ecology and humanity. Each action-packed adventure challenges C2 & POSSE to develop their intellect, faith, individual talents and collective skills to overcome obstacles and to defeat the forces of ILOE.


Join us as we watch these Inner-City Heroes of different cultures triumph over extraordinary circumstances to develop and utilize their human attributes and culture to defeat the bad guys.

The salvation of all humanity rests on the broad shoulders of C2 & POSSE!


No guns...just fun..

5.0 out of 5 stars C2&Posse Inner-city Heroes, March 31, 2009
Here is a piece of work that not only relates to children of all ages through artistry, imagination, and messaging but it also teaches the basic codes of life that can and do so easily get lost in growing up: doing your best all the time not just some of the time, respecting everyone; talking to and accepting the wisdom of elders be it family, teachers, mentors or friends; always believing in yourself; and protecting our environment. Thank you, Mr. Fletcher for creating such a powerful teaching tool. This is a job well done. Keep up the good work.
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5.0 out of 5 stars 21st Century Mind-Food, March 1, 2009
By Robin F. Baker (East Rutherford, NJ) - See all my reviews
From the incredibly prolific mind of Anthony `ARTONI' Fletcher comes C2 & Posse Inner-City Heroes -- A band of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic students of life battling the forces of darkness and ignorance. The underlying theme being that whether in crisis or joined together in song, people of all races, beliefs and cultural nuances can work together to solve problems and improve situations. 

The premiere issue "Caught In The Mix" finds three quarters of our heroes in the hands of the enemy. Individual talents combine to free themselves but they wind up in yet a bigger jam! Meanwhile, unaware of the lot of his friends, their mysterious and largely yet-to-be-introduced leader tickles the ivories to the funky rhythms of his favorite old-school vinyl classics. Will the quartet be reunited in time to defeat the enemy? It's music that's brought them together, but does it also threaten to keep them separated? 

As allegorically sound as it is vividly illustrated, ARTONI introduces the `Posse' not just as entertainment, but also as edutainment or `education-nouveau' for the youth of today. His characters are among the first to be exclusively aimed at 21st century kids with ideals that germinated in the civil rights movement of the 20th century. This premiere issue serves as a teaser to many upcoming issues and does its job superbly. Enjoy! 

-- Mr. Robin Fitzgerald Baker, concerned 21st century parent 
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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome and Captivating!, February 25, 2009
By Val McK. (Union City, Georgia) - See all my reviews
I purchased copies of this book for my seven year old son, and my eleven year old daughter. Both children were in awe when they initially saw the book, as was I. The quality of the production of this book is unbelievable! The usage of color throughout is very rich, and the artistic quality employed is on a level rarely seen. The children were instantly drawn to the characters, Glow, Spoony Breeze, Peppermin-T, and C2, and their exploits. We can hardly wait for the next edition to be released so that we can find out what happens to our heroes. This is a must see, and read for children of all ages!
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5.0 out of 5 stars What a great gift!!, February 24, 2009
I'd heard about this comic book from a friend of mine and decided to purchase it for my nephew. Upon receiving it I was totally surprised by how beautiful the artwork was and how interesting the story line was. This is much more than a comic book, it truly is a work of art. I bought 4 more copies through Amazon and have given them as gifts to 3 other family members and kept one copy for myself. I can't wait until the next issue if published!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Astounding Urban Comic for Kids!, February 23, 2009
By Ty Granderson Jones (Hollywood, CA, USA) - See all my reviews
C2 & Posse is one of the most innovative, fun, exciting and educational comic illustrations that I have ever read! Anthony Fletcher's creation is brilliant and colorful in every way. This book is a must for inner city schools and schools abroad for all kids and some adults. It inspires, teaches, and stimulates the imagination. As a performing artist, actor and teacher, I highly recommend it!