Veronica's Happily Ever After

Veronica's Happily Ever After

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Chantal Bellehumeur
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As Veronica's relationship with her boyfriend, Scott, gets more serious, her happiness grows more than she ever thought possible. Everything she ever dreamed of, and more, is finally coming true. Instead of running away with fear, she embraces everything good that comes her way because she realises that she deserves it all.
Of course, not every moment of her life is perfect. Veronica's third and final diary is filled with the obstacles she must overcome to reach her goals.

Book review on goodreads by reader Sarah Wong, who rated the book 5 stars out of five.

What girl doesn't want a happily ever after...

I read all three, one after the other, as I just couldn't put them down.

While it may seem a bit like a fairy tale or Sunday movie romantic comedy, the fact is that most girls gushe for a good ending...and this book has it. It leaves some twists and turns and plays on every girls dream, but why burst the girly bubble.

Veronica is not just a character in a book, but the girl that is in all of us...