DIAMONDS aren't FOREVER #6 'Hawkman Series'

Mystery & Thrillers

By Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Publisher : SynergEbooks

ABOUT Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Betty Sullivan La Pierre
     Born and raised in Oklahoma, Betty Sullivan La Pierre attended the Oklahoma College for Women and the University of Oklahoma, graduating with her BS degree in e owned a Mail Order Used Book business dealing mainly in signed and rare books, but phased it out because it took up too  More...


     In DIAMONDS AREN’T FOREVER, private investigator, Hawkman, discovers through an old friend, that Jamey Louise Schyler aka Jasmine Louise Gray, the knockout blonde jewel thief, is returning to Medford, Oregon.  Jamey had eluded Hawkman once before in his search for the Oklahoma diamond heist culprits, and his interest became highly piqued on the anticipation of her return.      

     When Charley Sullivan attempts to buy the house Jamey inherited from her aunt, the title company discovers an encumbrance on the piece of property that will require Jamey to return in person to prove her identity.     

    While Hawkman plots to confront Jamey, an unexpected twist occurs.  He’s visited in his office by Carl Hopkins, the ex-boyfriend and computer hacker that Jamey double-crossed and framed for the jewel heist.  He’d been released from prison and had traveled back to Medford in search for his long-lost love.  The man had spent a year in jail for Jamey’s dirty deeds and felt his life had been destroyed.  Hawkman came to the conclusion Carl definitely didn’t have love on his mind, but something much more dangerous.   

     When Jamey enters the picture, Hawkman's thoughts of confronting her are pushed to the back of his mind.  Instead, he races against time trying to protect her from an assailant who she thinks is still incarcerated.  

     Hawkman wants to warn Jamey of her threatening situation, but with her talent for appearing incognito and the cleverness to evade people, he’s having a hard time just trying to locate her.  So he figures his best course is to keep an eye on Carl.  But this is easier said than done.  He discovers Hopkins is also rather clever at disguises and does a great job of avoiding the police.  Hawkman finds himself greatly challenged in keeping Jamey alive and out of harm’s way.   

A Delightful Sequel to Dirty Diamonds

By A Customer

This story really come to life under the capable pen of Betty Sullivan LAPierre. Jamey Schyler decides to sell some property she owns in Medford, Oregon. Under normal circunstances that would not be a problem but Jamey now lives in Rio De Janeiro and does not really want to come to the United States. She does return, however, only to complicate the property transfer necessitating appearance again. It would appear Jamey had been involved in a diamond heist some time before. Hawkman, a private investigator, had done some investigative work on that case as well. Her potential return has attracted the attention of not only Hawkman but someone else. Someone who feels they have a deadly score to settle with Jamey. Therein starts the delightful tale of intrigue and adventures where no one is who they appear to be. What happens next? You will need to read the story where you will definately be delighted at the twists and turns experienced with these characters. I give Diamonds aren't Forever the highest recommendation possible.