Silver Parachutes

Business, Money & Investing

By A. Otto Thav

Publisher : Lulu Press

ABOUT A. Otto Thav

A. Otto Thav


Real incidents of white-collar scams, that collectively cost losses of hundreds of billions of dollars to our economy each year; with strategies to recognize and prevent them, while providing financial and entrepreneurial impetus to 'be the change' to increase profits and consciousness, and propagate awareness.

“A must read.  The dollars add up, from Main Street to Wall Street.  Revealing insights into mid-level management.  And an entrepreneur’s cornucopia of new business ideas.” – Max Navarro, PhD, Chairman, Operational Technologies Corp.


“Reads like micro-novellas with intriguing financial details, humor, satire, and unfolding mystery of the psychology behind middle managers.” - Rob Roy, President, Decision Sciences, Inc.


“A masterful linking of finance and psychology.  Important reading in this time of financial crises.” - Dr. Ravi Chandra, Stanford MD, Psychiatrist.


“A fascinating expose.  Mr. Thav provides some practical common-sense strategies." - Dave Stark, Founder & President, Analysis Team, Inc.

"It's daunting what goes on behind open doors." - Former USAF Major Jim Whiteley, PhD.