Opportunity Rings

General Fiction, Humor, Romance

By Sheryl Steinberg

Publisher : Key Porter Books

ABOUT Sheryl Steinberg

Sheryl Steinberg
When I was a girl, I thought I would become an architect. An interior designer. A sports reporter. A physio-therapist. Even a coroner (during theQuincy TV show era). 

Never in a million years, did I expect to end up working in computers (though, looking back, she did have a  More...


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ERICA SWIFT may run the marketing department of Rockit Wireless, but she doesn’t know a heck of a lot about tech. That’s okay—she could sell stilettos to a nun. But after her husband announces that he’s leaving her for an older woman—who knew the pruney president of his company was a cougar?—Erica is forced to reboot her own life. Suddenly “disaster recovery” takes on a whole new meaning, as Erica fends off the attention of some very eligible bachelors, hits on a perfect plan to save Rockit’s new product launch, and hones her abysmal text-messaging skills.

 OPPORTUNITY RINGS is a hilarious, savvy novel about sex, singlehood, and smartphones, and learning to be a true modern woman in a wireless world.

"A perfect read for a day at the beach!"
- Rachel Rothman, Good Housekeeping 

"If you laughed and cried along with Bridget Jones and feel like Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda are your best buds, you'll love this laugh-'til-you-snort story of a wireless marketing maven who's more high gloss than high tech."
- Sweetspot.ca

"...funny, sweet and smart, combining girly-wit with techy-twit. I give this book two text messaging thumbs up."
 - Lauren McPhillips, Style at Home
"Steinberg's writing is simply hilarious, as we learn about what happens when high tech and high heels collide. In many cases, you're privy to Swift's thoughts (um, do all women think about food and sex so much?) or following her (mis)adventures as she wrestles with finicky gadgets and handsome suitors -- figuratively and literally."
- Marc Saltzman, MSN Sync