Children of the Night

ABOUT Lee Shamlian

Lee Shamlian
I am a writer of fiction, poetry, and an abstract artist. Engaged in writing all my life and have accumulated a plethora of works. My first self-published e-Novel, Children of the Night is a story inspired by my avid imagination; coupled with my keen observations of human behavior produces More...




We all have them. Sex secrets.Drug secrets.Love secrets.Hate secrets.Alcohol secrets.Political secrets.Religious secrets.

Sometimes they are dark deeds demanding to be forgotten. Sometimes they are a way of life begging to remain hidden. Secrets not meant to be shared or shared with very few others. All sorts of secrets neatly tucked away in a dark corner of a locked closet.

Some secrets, when found out, exact the ultimate price as payment.

There will be no détente, there will be no peace treaty; there will be payment and retribution.

Some like the night for what it hides, some like the night for what it reveals, some do not like the night at all. All three collide in Children of the Night.