Panchatantra 51 short stories with Moral (Illustrated)

Panchatantra 51 short stories with Moral (Illustrated)

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51 short and illustrarted stories from the Panchatantra. Panchatantra is from two Sankrit words "Pancha" means five and "tantra" means strategies.
Panchantantra is part of Indian folklore for over 400 years now and has enchanted people all over the world. This book retells 51 short stories from the compilation and targeted for teens and youngsters.

The stories revolves around the five strategies:- The Gain of Friends, Discord amongst friends, Of Crows and Owls, Loss of Gains and Imprudence.
The illustrated stories in this volume are:-
- Panchantantra Introduction
- Four Friends and the Hunter
- The Jackal and the Drum
- The Mongoose and the Baby
- The Talkative Tortoise
- United we Stand
- The Camel with a Bell
- The Cunning Judge
- The Merchant's son
- Why the Owls became enemies of the Crows
- The Visit of the Swan
- A Poor Brahmins Dream
- The Bullock and the Lion
- The Sage and the Mouse
- Beware of Mean friends
- The Clever Hare
- The Louse and the Bed-bug
- The Blue Jackal
- The Bird with Two Heads
- The musical Donkey
- The Rabbits and the Elephants
- The Donkey and the Cunning Fox
- The marriage of a snake
- The Trick of the Crow
- The Hunter and the Doves
- The Lioness and the young jackal
- The King and the monkey chief
- The Rotating Wheel
- The Prince and the seedling
- The Wedding of a mouse
- Hello ! Cave
- The old greedy Crane
- Wolf ! Wolf !!
- The king cobra and the ants
- The Bear and the two friends
- The Frog and the serpent
- The Monkey and the crocodile
- The Brahmin and the three thugs
- The King and the Parrots
- The Revenge of the elephant
- The Little mice and the big elephants
- The Lion and the woodcutter
- The Hermit and the jumping rat
- The Wise crab
- The Sparrow and the monkey
- The Stag and his antlers
- The foolish donkey
- The falcon and the crow
- The Trader and the sweeper
- The Wolf and the Crane
- The Thief, The Giant and the Brahmin